Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the difference between the Printed Magazine and the Digital Magazine?
    The Digital Magazine is paperless. It is created electronically and retained on the server. Login to the website to read it online.
  • What is the difference between Read Online only and Read Online + Download PDF version?
    If "Read Online + Download PDF version" is selected, one can read it online or can download the PDF of the entire magazine to his/her computer / laptop / notebook/ netbook/ tablet/ mobile and can read it without connecting to the internet. If "Read Online Only" is selected then download PDF option is not available and will always need to connect to the server to read it.
  • Is the Digital Magazine available on mobiles, tablets or smart phones?
    It depends upon the software available in such gadgets. Normally it works on any Flash enabled instruments. View the "Sample Issue" made available on the site to check whether it is opening correctly.
  • What other option is available for mobiles, tablets or smart phones?
    Opt for Online Reading + Download PDF version and download the PDF file.
  • Is the Digital Magazine FREE to subscribers of the Printed Magazine?
    Yes. The subscriber needs to register and login to read online SIX previous issues. To get your registration is activated, one must contact the admin at
  • Is the Printed Magazine FREE to subscribers of the Digital Magazine?
  • Can one change one's subscription for the Printed Magazine to the Digital Magazine or vice versa?
  • What is the subscription rate for the Digital Magazine?
    Rs. 120/- for Online Reading only (no downloads)
    Rs. 175/-for Online Reading + Download PDF version.
  • How many issues are there in One Year?
    11 issues. April and May will be a combined issue.
  • What is the method to send the amount for subscription?
    Payment can be made via our online payment gateway or in the form of a Demand Draft, Cheque, NEFT etc.
  • Are there any additional charges for outstation cheques?
  • In whose name should the Demand Draft/ Cheque be made?
    Demand Draft or Cheque should be made in favour of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and is payable at Mumbai.
  • Can I pay by Credit Card?
    Yes. The Payment Gateway to subscribe for the Digital Magazine is available on this site. First register on the site and login to get the payment option.
  • Within how many days will the Subscription get activated?
    If the payment is done online, your account will get activated immediately. In case of print edition subscribers, the free account will be activated only after receiving the request from the subscriber.
  • If the subscription is paid using a Debit/Credit Card, will it get activated immediately ?
    Yes. The subscription will be activated immediately if the payment is made using the payment gateway provided on this site.
  • If the subscription is paid via Demand Draft/ Cheque, will it get activated immediately?
    No. The subscription will be activated only after the realization of the Cheque/Demand Draft.
  • Can the subscription for the Digital Magazine be discontinued midway?
  • What is the refund policy?
    No refund is allowed in any circumstances.
  • Can I share my subscription with others?
    No. The subscription is only for one person.
  • Can I share the PDF version with others?
    No. The whole magazine is protected by the copyright law and it is illegal to share/distribute or sell. His/her account will get terminated if found otherwise.
  • Is there any way to find out whether any other person is using my username and password?
    Yes. Every time one logs in to read it online, the server keeps track of the location from where one is accesssing the server. If the server finds duplicate entry points, it will automaticallly block that username from accessing the pages.
  • What should one do if the password is lost?
    Use the "Forgot username or password" link on the login page. It will be sent again to the email given at the time of registration.
  • What should one do if the username gets blocked?
    Contact to get it re-activated. Admin has the right to discontinue the account permanently if someone continues to share the username/pdf with others.
  • What should one do if the password is lost?
    Contact to re-send the password.
    It will be sent again to the email or mobile number given at the time of registration.
Dimdima Digital Magazine

Online Reading:
For 1 year : Rs. 120/-
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For 1 year : Rs. 175/-

Subscription in India :
For 1 year : Rs 375/-
For 2 years : Rs 725/-
For 3 years : Rs 1050/-
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Size: Large Size ( As in News Magazines )
Periodicity: Monthly (Total 12 issues)
No of pages : 48 plus cover
Age Group: 9 to 15
Cover Price: Rs 35/- per copy

Contact Us
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,
505, Sane Guruji Marg,
Tardeo, Mumbai 400 034.
Phone: 022 23526025.